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It feels great to work for and with a company whose products you believe in, products that help create better, sustainable learning environments all over the world, and products which from time to time you get to enjoy with your family in your own home as well.

A few years ago we were fortunate enough to help organize new Natural Pod furniture for two of our children’s classrooms at Fernwood Elementary on Salt Spring Island. Not only was it fun for us to be a part of creating those learning environments with the educators whose vision helped bring our furniture to their space, it was a chance for me as the Director of Marketing at Natural Pod to get more hands on experience with what we make, how it goes together and how others work with creating spaces with our furniture.

Fast forward a few years and kids are thriving at the school, the furniture is in great shape, it’s used intensively every day, and now, we had a personal need for some of our products at home. We’ve been hosting gatherings out our house and needed new seating and storage options in our living room. Natural Pod Linear Bench Seating/Shelving was the perfect solution for us. These seats/shelving units create beautiful window side seating areas, help keep us organized with options to tuck toys and books away and not only are they sustainably made with Forest Stewardship Council (FSC® C012337) wood, they are gorgeous and durable. They’re topped out with wonderful organic cotton cushions for the best in comfort and design.

While these products are made primarily for classroom and learning environment use, this was also a nice chance to visit our warehouse where our team that organizes shipments all over the world work in a wonderfully organized space to be able to use these products at home. Also had my little helper who is becoming an expert at delivering, setting up, testing and playing on all of our Natural Pod better learning environment furniture.

Enjoy our before, during and after photos series while we travel from home to our Natural Pod warehouse and back and work to transform our home environment just like educators are enjoying the transformation of their learning spaces with our Natural Pod furniture. Download our inspiration guide catalog if you’re looking for beautiful furniture ideas to transform your space.

Living Area Before

Window Corner Before

Our Natural Pod Warehouse and Shipping Team

Beautifully Organized and Managed

Pick Up at the Warehouse

Beautiful Bench Seating

Seating in Both Corners

Gorgeous Organic Seat Cushions

Nice and Organized

Looks Great in this Space

Cleans Up the Room and Creates Seating/Storage Options

Kids Got Busy Using the New Play Space