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To celebrate World Earth Day we’re sharing the beautiful work of Day Schildkret, an internationally known artist and teacher of Morning Altars a celebration of nature and life. Through his work, Day has impacted thousands of people of all ages worldwide to gain a deeper respect for nature and our planet, inspiring them and their communities to live more sustainable lives.

Here is Day’s stunning short video to celebrate and inspire Earth Day, every day. We highly recommend watching or sharing this video with the children in your life. It will delight and captivate them.

“In today’s overly virtual landscape, I want my viewers to be enchanted by each altar’s capacity to awaken their imagination, their awe, their nuanced eye and deep love and connection with the magic and mystery of our earth. I long to have my audiences linger on that ephemeral edge where death and rebirth bring forth and ancient remembering and a new impermanent beauty.”

Day Schildkret