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Distributors: Canada

Wintergreen is Natural Pod’s exclusive distributor in Canada

Natural Pod’s recognition as North America’s 1st B Corp-certified commercial furniture company in the educational sector amplifies the partnership’s shared dedication to sustainability, ethical practices, and substantial community impact. In a sector where innovation and leadership are paramount, Natural Pod stands out not only for its sustainable initiatives but also for its distinct leadership style, being women-led. This brings a unique perspective to the partnership, further diversifying the combined strengths of both Wintergreen and Natural Pod and emphasizing the importance of diverse leadership in driving industry change.

Both Wintergreen and Natural Pod are proud embodiments of Canadian values, privately held and deeply committed to their shared ethos. Their operations, spanning across all regions of Canada, underscore a unique advantage for Canadians: the opportunity to collaborate with two locally owned and operated businesses that prioritize community impact, growth, and prosperity.

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