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The holidays are happening people, and whether we keep it sparse or go large in the giving department, free shipping will always come in handy. The convenience of one-stop shopping without ANY travel expense or parking hassle. Naturally a pretty sweet deal, eh?


Favorite quote from week 3 of the fabulous Natural Pod giveaway contest:

Our home collects us.
We gather round the table together, huddle on the couch.
My daughters make their marks- on the table, on the walls, across the floor
and very often on paper products too, which are hung with pride, held up by magnets or tape
and have hopes to one day find that illusive frame.
A rainbow of garments become the wardrobe of princesses.The livingroom transforms into a palace for puppies. Appliance boxes that hold tools for being technically savvy are ripped apart
and become art sculptures.Blankets are nests; An old boogie board a sled.
You never know what will happen next. Children are creators, magicians. They turn my heart inside out.
They take ideas are run out the door, giggling, with strings kiting behind them.

And this house, this roof that covers us, that shelfters us from the outside world,is a humble one. Not much to look at, both strange and wonderful at the same time but the air in here
is charged: full of Love, wriggling with curiousity, streaked by popping young voices.
Within this space we work it out. We make something new. We keep the tarnished pieces
and see what we can make happen.
Our home is a creative one. We keep in cooking!

We are a part of a wonderful budding community. My daughters attend a hybrid program
for home learner’s in Vancouver.
Shannon Hobson is a teacher with a gracious heart. I would love to see
our classroom inherit such a wonderful dollhouse.