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If you are tasked with furnishing a new educational space or refurbishing an existing one, then you should take a look at how Natural Pod actually works with you.

Our team of knowledge experts (yes, real human beings) work directly with you through every step of the process. It all starts with a conversation. We talk about your vision and your budget. We then collaborate on personal concept drawings to help you visualize what is possible, at no cost. Our furniture is flexible and this helps to see all the possibilities your beautiful space will offer. The drawings go into computer files with exact budget quotes that can be manipulated as we work through various permutations. Once the order is placed we continue to work alongside ensuring you are absolutely thrilled.

This level of customer service is unique. It is rare in this industry to find a furniture company so dedicated to the outcome, so passionate about the process and so unwavering in its commitment. And this is such a benefit for you. Just imagine how much ease we can bring to this process.

We are unique. And the way you will use our furniture pieces will be very different from the last 100 years of educational spaces. So this merits a unique approach.

We are uncompromising. You will see this value in everything we do. Our furniture is sustainable, not just the sourcing, not just the glue but every step is scrutinized. The design is beautiful, natural and timeless and it is tough. So durable that we provide a lifetime warranty. It is designed for children, with their learning outcomes at the heart of everything we build. The spaces allow for movement, collaboration, agency and quiet spaces which have profound impacts on learners’ social, physical & cognitive well-being. It really matters.

We care deeply for our real champions, our educators. By providing this level of service we are able to support your vision but also make sure you have exactly what you need to create the learning environment that will drive the results you know are possible.

You are not alone. Natural Pod works with you and together we create better learning environments for all ages. It all starts with a conversation.

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