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On September 30th 2016 the Forest Stewardship Council invites you to participate in FSC® Friday, a global celebration of responsible forestry. It’s the perfect opportunity to celebrate responsible forestry in Canada and worldwide. At Natural Pod all of our furniture is made with FSC® C012337 Certified forestry products. Our goal is to create exceptional learning, play and collaboration furniture and to make it sustainably for current and future generations.

What is FSC® Friday?

On September 30th 2016, the Forest Stewardship Council is hosting ‘FSC® Friday’ an annual event designed to raise awareness about responsible forest management- the best way to keep using forest products and keep our forests too.
FSC® Friday started in 2008 and has grown every year, spreading to be a global event.

Why FSC® Friday?

We’re aiming to increase awareness of FSC® C012337 so that more people choose FSC® C012337 certified products more of the time. These choices can be personal, like choosing garden furniture, greeting cards or even toilet paper. Choosing FSC® C012337 can also be great for the workplace; does your office have a policy to only buy FSC® C012337 certified wood and paper? If not, why? Make the right choice. Choose FSC® C012337!



All of our Natural Pod furniture is made with FSC® C012337 Certified Sustainable Wood Products. Download our catalog to learn more about how buying FSC® C012337 Furniture helps protect the environment.