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Sendy, a wonderful Kindergarten teacher, is so committed to the students in her care, that over the summer she acquired a second job to personally pay for additional furniture for her classroom so that the layout could be more collaborative. That’s quite amazing and we really want to acknowledge Sendy for being the extraordinary educator that she is.

Sendy Dumerlus is a teacher at River City Science Academy Innovation, a Charter school in Jacksonville, Florida. She first reached out to Natural Pod earlier this year as she wanted to shift to a more collaborative seating arrangement for her class; knowing it would make a big difference to how her students engaged with each other and their own learning. Her idea was to acquire one of Natural Pod’s large tables and matching benches so her students could be seated together for play, learning and creative projects.

The school informed Sendy they didn’t have funding for any additional furniture, and that’s when she decided it was so important that she acquired a second job through her summer holiday and paid for the furniture herself.

To give Sendy a helping hand, Kelly Rosensweet from Natural Pod, joined Sendy for the day and they successfully put the table and benches together all ready for the start of the school year. Sendy is really excited to greet her new class and introduce them to their new furniture and classroom; as she knows intentionally designed learning spaces can have a big impact on her students. Here you can see the happy and inspiring results.