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Are you looking at ways to make your classroom adaptable to physical distancing while still being an inspiring place for you and your students to be?  We can help you get creative and move forward. To support you in making smart investments for the future, we are presently creating new flexible learning furniture that meets current physical distancing requirements, but which can be transitioned back to a more collaborative learning setting once those requirements are less restrictive.

If you’re starting, or have already begun, the process of creating a learning environment that addresses physical distancing, know that we’re fully operational and here to support you in making your learning space a reality.

Our design and education teams are here as your dedicated resources to work through your ideas, help you create a space that’s flexible and adaptable, and provide personalized concept drawings that allow you to envision what’s possible.

On the production side of things, our sustainably made furniture is manufactured in Canada and we are ready to make your products to order and deliver them straight away. Or alternatively, we have ample capacity to store your items so they’re ready to be delivered exactly when you need them. 

Above being fully operational, the entire Natural Pod team is ready to help you right now through the full process of creating your learning environment and navigating this new ‘normal’. From discussing your objectives and budget, to designing your ideal flexible physically distanced space, through to delivery, and navigating potentially unknown delivery dates.

From myself and the Natural Pod team, we are here to support you. 
Bridgitte Alomes, CEO
Natural Pod