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The idea of what is required from educational environments was evolving long before the pandemic, and although this year has been full of challenges there has been a consistent vocalization that we need flexible, sustainable, and adaptable learning spaces now more than ever. Natural Pod strongly supports this view. The safety of our schools is of course paramount, but alongside health and wellness, our students still need to be at the center of their learning, given choice in how they learn best and be given the opportunity to acquire the essential skills they need in order to thrive.

Natural Pod’s contribution to supporting great learning outcomes is by creating dynamic, flexible spaces that adapt to the teaching and learning needs of students and educators. As with all our education furniture, our intention is for each piece to be multi-functional in order to create as much flexibility in the learning environment as possible. Two of our shelving series are particularly versatile in this way: the Pacific and Adapt shelving series. Each are ideal for display purposes and traditional shelving uses, but where they add additional value is in their room delineation and double-sided accessibility; which is particularly helpful in this time of physical distancing requirements.

All our shelving is designed with heavy-duty, easily movable castors, allowing quick reconfiguration of the learning environment, and each piece perfectly complements other Natural Pod furniture elements, expanding their use and providing endless combinations of storage and seating, room division, cozy reading or collaborative spaces. Both the Pacific and Adapt shelving series units come with either a translucent back or translucent center piece, allowing light through so as to never overpower your space visually. And are all available in either a curved or straight design, which greatly increases the layouts possible as you can see in the photos below.

“We love our new shelves! The staff and students can’t stop admiring them. One of the students said,”it’s like you’re bringing the outdoors in” and we don’t even have any windows in the library! Just a skylight. The light wood really brightens our space up. We love the quality of the shelves and they were so easy to put together.”
– Melisa Hunter, Teacher-Librarian, École South Sa-Hali Elementary, Kamloops, BC, Canada

You can enjoy knowing these items are made with trees harvested using Forest Stewardship Council® certified source materials. Natural Pod is certified under Sustainable Northwest’s FSC® Chain of Custody Group (C012237). FSC® is the leading not-for-profit forest management certification organization. They help set the world’s most respected environmental and social standards for responsible forest resource use. Their guidelines help ensure our forests are respected and well managed for future generations.