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One of the things our team at Natural Pod loves to do most is get out and meet people. We learn new ideas, build on our relationships, give back and inspire others in this important work of creating better learning environments and experiences for children.

We’re delighted to let our community in Edmonton, AB, Canada and the surrounding area know about the Alberta Early Years Conference running October 6-7, 2014.

The Alberta Early Years Conference is a biennial event that focuses on new understandings and approaches to early child development and the advancement of early education practices and policies. The latest ideas are presented in support of early child development in the areas of identification, intervention, program development, policy research, personal experiences, and case study research.

Both our CEO of Play, Bridgitte Alomes and Natural Play Account Manager, Jade Vovers will be there to share and learn with educators. Consider attending and say to Bridgitte and Jade when you see them.

For those of you that are attending, if you would like more information about Natural Pod and our work building better learning environments or if you would like to arrange a meeting with Bridgitte or Jade, just let us know using the form below.