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Currency Offer

Strong U.S. Dollar Currency Savings Opportunity for U.S. Customers

At Natural Pod, we’re makers of sustainably made learning environments for early learning, pre-school, kindergarten and daycares made right here in Canada. We’re offering our U.S. customers an opportunity to benefit from the strong U.S. dollar against the low Canadian dollar. This is a unique opportunity around incredible savings for beautifully made Canadian furniture and maniuplatives for your space. If you’ve been holding off on creating the open-ended, natural play learning environment you’ve always imagined, this might just be the best time to benefit from the difference in dollar value. As a U.S. customer, you can get unprecedented discounts on our products because of the beneficial exchange rate when purchasing products priced in Canadian dollars. As an example using today’s exchange rate, if you spent $5,000 CAD on new furniture and/or manipulatives, the cost of your order would be $3,932.17 USD; a potential savings discount of more than $1,000.

Natural Pod - Currency Campaign

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