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Imagine Your Space – Resources We Need

Thank You for Being Part of Our ‘Imagine Your Space’ Program

To make this as easy and simple for you as possible, and to give us the things that we need to put your high level concept together, provide us with the following details of one space of your facility. Details don’t have to be exact. Just approximate. This will be a concept. Not a final working drawing. The goal here is to help you visualize your space, transformed for natural play to help you understand what is possible.

[two_fourth]Natural Pod - Imagine Your Concept[/two_fourth]
[two_fourth_last]Here’s What We Need to Get Started on Your Concept

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  • (Measured in U.S. Imperial feet.)
  • (Measured in U.S. Imperial feet.)
  • (Measured in U.S. Imperial feet.)

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