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Inspiration is all around. It can come from the people we spend time with, the books we read, the music we listen to…it can be found all around us. At Natural Pod, these influences shape the work we do every day.

Our inspiration comes from…

Our customers. We know how hard you work every day to make a difference in children’s lives. You know what they need, what motivates them, and how they learn best. That is why we listen to you and why almost everything we have created to date has come from conversations we’ve had with you. These relationships inspire us to keep moving forward and to continually create new products that will support your vision.

Nature. The inspiration we find in the beauty and simplicity of nature is evident in all of our creations. From the curved edges of our tables and benches to the soaring lines of our lofts, our furniture designs incorporate the beauty we find in nature. We know that bringing this natural world indoors can improve mood, inspire creativity, and spark the imagination.

A healthy world. The idea of making this world a better place drives us every day to create healthy and sustainable products that will have minimal impact on the earth. The environment is considered in every aspect of what we do-the wood and finishes we use, our packaging, how we ship our products, and even how we design our products.

Our children and yours. In the beginning and in the end, it’s about the children. Natural Pod was born from a desire to provide safe, nontoxic products for children. Every day they are what inspire us to create better and better learning environments. We seek to design products and spaces that will keep children healthy, make them feel valued, and will allow each and every one of them to thrive.

Take the time to think about what truly inspires you and let that be your guide…the possibilities to learn, create, and innovate are endless. Learn more about how Natural Pod works this these inspirations to make high flexible, durable, sustainably made furniture for learning, collaboration and play.