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Right now as communities around the world are in different stages of isolation and togetherness, our hearts especially go out to those who are being deeply impacted. Today, April 21st, is World Creativity and Innovation Day. What a perfect time to acknowledge people’s amazing resilience, and creative and innovative abilities to create change and move forward even in the face of adversity.

As a team, Natural Pod has experienced how creativity can bring people together and give them a compelling purpose. Our purpose, as always, is our commitment to supporting educators and students in their learning. That looks like it will take place under social distancing for the foreseeable future, but we can still get creative together now in preparation for when we are back together again. Perhaps education will look a little different then; maybe innovation during this time will have a lasting, positive impact when we move forward. 

When Natural Pod designs educational environments, we consider the ‘whole child’. If we wish students and educators to thrive in their learning, the space they occupy for the majority of their time is incredibly important in setting that stage. Before any deep learning or engagement can take place, students need to feel safe, have a sense of belonging, and be inspired to be there.

Yes we are in very strange times right now, but we don’t want to lose sight of the needs of educators, students and their futures. So if you and your community are in a place where you’re able and want to move forward with the process of creating a learning environment, or have been considering it, know that we’re fully operational and here to support you in making your learning space a reality. Our design and education teams are here to help you work through your ideas, advise on best learning environment practices, and create personalized concept drawings that allow you to envision what’s possible for you and your students.

On the production side of things, our environmentally conscious furniture is sustainable and manufactured in Canada. We’re ready to make your products to order and get them shipped out promptly or delivered exactly when you need them.

Above being fully operational, the entire Natural Pod team is ready to help you right now through the full process of creating or renovating your learning environment. From discussing your budget, to your learning objectives and best practices, through to delivery and navigating potentially unknown delivery dates. Let’s get creative. Together.

– Bridgitte Alomes – Founder and CEO of Natural Pod