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Why conscious buying is more than choosing green products.

Black Friday kicks off the global holiday shopping season, and it is obviously impossible to ignore. Many retailers are pondering if this year’s average spend will be lower due to high inflation and a looming recession. Let me invite you to stay practical. 

Given the economic circumstances, we are challenged to reflect on the necessity of our purchasing decisions. So why not use this very opportunity to inquire wholeheartedly if you really need this product even if it seems to be “green”.

Intentionality is a word that means a lot to me. Begin with thinking about where this very product might come from, who might have made it, and how long it would probably last you? With every purchase you make, you are promoting the manufacturer, its business practices, and of course the product itself. I get it, this evaluation is not an easy task, but it is one I believe we all need to consider for future years to come.  

Inquiring, reflecting, and thinking outside the box is something that at Natural Pod we commit to every day. We design and manufacture durable learning furniture solutions out of sustainable materials. Our multi-functional pieces are locally made to order with outstanding quality in British Columbia, Canada. Together with every customer my team develops a clear vision focusing on the true needs of the learners and educators. Further, my team will create alignment with existing resources and requirements; a task asking for creativity and deep care. Led by the conscious understanding that less could be more and seeking what we can possibly re-purpose. 

The focus of building a true connection with our customers radiates from their experience into the learning spaces. And this is where meaningful impact happens. Where relationships are built and strengthened and the story of conscious decisions is written to be told to inspire the next generation. Their learning experience will happen in a space that reflects what they request. 

On a personal level, I would like to invite you for this holiday season and beyond to consider your choices and the impact they will have.  There is no need to be perfect, however if we all pause and consider, even just a little, together we can truly make a difference.

In kindness,