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Across North America, it’s back to school time. An exciting time for teachers, families, and educators. Your work is our passion. We want you to have all the inspiration and ideas you need to bring forward the best possible outcomes for you and your students. We’re incredibly proud of the work we do all over the world and share it with you to help inspire your work. Time and logistics being what they are, we’re not able to photograph all the installs of our work and though we love to share the ones we are able to capture to help inspire others no matter the direction you’re taking with your play, learning and collaboration spaces. In no particular order, here’s a sample of some of our best most recent projects captured by our photographers to inspire your back to school ideas. Click on each image to enjoy the full photo galleries and videos!

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Caulfeild Elementary


AKIDEMY Early Learning & Care


Mariners Preschool


Fairchild Junior Academy


Carlton House


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