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Better Together Partnership Collection

With the intention of creating better learning environments for students and educators, four brands based in British Columbia, Canada – Natural Pod, ChopValue and LifeSpace – have come together to create a mixed-material collection of foundational elements that offers a welcoming sense of home in learning environments. Materials range from recycled chopsticks, reclaimed lumber, and linen textiles.

Beautiful design
Combining materials together creates a warm and welcoming beauty, inviting your students and educators into their learning spaces.

Durable quality
Crafted for your learning spaces with a durability and strength you can feel, right in British Columbia, Canada.

Sustainable materials
Responsible use of product material. By using renewable and recycled materials, they are diverted away from landfills, giving them new purpose and life.

These partnerships and the students and educators are a testament to the collective power of like-minded individuals who are challenging the status quo of fast furniture and consumer goods and staying committed to conscious creation and purchasing.

With this product introduction, students and educators will have beautiful, durable, and sustainable materials that build a strong-foundation to enhance their learning environments.

These brands are supporting students and educators to create better learning environments, together. Because we’re all better, together.

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Sample of Available Products

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