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People Profiles

What we love most about our work are the people we work with. We’re very proud of our natural play community here at Natural Pod and to celebrate some of the people in our community, we’ve started a short series we’re calling our Natural Play People Profiles. Short interviews with some of the great people leading the work of using natural play to inspire creativity, learning and compassion in our early learning, kindergarten, preschool and daycare communities. Our goal with these stories is to help you tell your story. We’re here to help bring attention to the great work that you are doing to help inspire others with their work. This is a great opportunity to feature a project that you might be working on which deserves some special recognition.

We’d like to invite you to share your story and we’ll share it all of our community to highlight you, your organization and your work.

NOTE: Please do not share this link with others. For now, this is an invitation only story series.

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