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Project Profile: AKIDEMY – Hillhurst

by | Feb 27, 2022

The AKIDEMY Preschool in Hillhurst, Calgary, is their second location, having built on the success of their first much-loved preschool in West Springs, Calgary. You can learn more about that location here, including photos and an interview with the founders Dina and Tristan.

Their teaching and learning approach blends together the Reggio Emilia Approach and the Emergent Curriculum philosophy – honoring children by giving them the time and opportunities they need to develop at their own pace, in their own unique way. Dina and Tristan are dedicated to providing children with a rich and stimulating environment that supports their growth in every way. The Natural Pod team has had the pleasure of collaborating with AKIDEMY through all of their locations. The natural, simple look and feel of our furniture is important to them. You can see from the photos below how beautiful, inviting and cosy their learning space is.

“We have been incorporating pieces from Natural Pod in our program over the last seven years. The tables, shelves and benches are not only attractive from a design standpoint, but they are flexible, sustainable and durable. These are all the elements we were looking for when creating a whimsical and beautiful space for our children and staff. “ – Founders, Dina and Tristan

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