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Project Profile: Creekside Creative Academy

by | Feb 17, 2022

Creekside Creative Academy in Alberta, Canada, believes in the value of providing authentic learning experiences for all students. It is a Reggio-Emilia-inspired program – incorporating many of the Reggio-Emilia ideas and beliefs into the everyday learning that occurs. The educators passionately believe in authentic learning experiences, and that there is nothing more authentic than the outside world and nature. Elements of forest school are a large focus at Creekside Creative Academy. All students spend considerable portions of the day spent outside.

With Natural Pod also being committed to environmental stewardship and indoor/outdoor learning, we were the Academy’s choice when it came to outfitting their learning spaces. Our sustainable wood furniture allows that connection to nature even while inside, as well as supporting the Reggio-Emilia principles of providing children access to natural open-ended materials and furniture.

Creekside Creative Academy supports a variety of age groups from Junior Kindergarten to Grade 4, daycare and after-school care, and home learning programs as well. They utilize academically rigorous developmentally appropriate programming, low teacher-to-student ratios, unique outdoor learning experiences and inclusiveness for all. The education focus is to provide an environment where each child is encouraged to learn and be creative in their own unique way.