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Project Profile: David Suzuki School

Playing with Water and Light at the David Suzuki School:

In our best moments, we sit back and watch how the learning spaces we help create inspire and delight. Like the joy of watching our own children play, while we sometimes remembering those times of fun and learning in our own young lives. This is at the heart of our work at Natural Pod and when organizations likes the David Suzuki School, who share our love of nature and inquiry, are looking to create inspiring moments in their space, we are reminded that this is our most important work.

We’re delighted to share this little photo series of our Natural Pod water and light tables being loved and enjoyed by the students at David Suzuki School. You can see their wonder and imaginations at work. You can see how curiosity and fun, lead to learning and understanding. We hope one day, that these inspired minds and hearts will also too one day work to make the world the most sustainable it can be.