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Natural Pod - Immigrant Services Society of BC

ISSofBC (Immigrant Services Society of BC) Childcare provides childminding for adult studying English. Recently, the ISSofBC opened a new childmining centre in Richmond for children 12 months to five years. The goal is to help parents who otherwise would not have access to childcare study English while their children happily play.

As the Richmond childminding centre is brand new, the task at hand was to create something from scratch. Josee Lavallee, ECE supervisor, had a picture in her mind of what it could like, and the challenge was turning that picture into reality.

Impressed by their personalized customer service from a previous project, Natural Pod was brought in to help with the new Richmond space. While working at a Vancouver ISSofBC childcare centre, Lavallee met Bridgitte Alomes of Natural Pod, and Bridgitte left a lasting impact as Lavallee said she felt heard and understood.

“Bridgitte and Allan took the time to really listen to what my vision was, and they encouraged and supported me through a very difficult transition. They caught my vision and helped me make it a reality. It was only natural that I would seek their services for our brand new location in Richmond,” Lavallee said.

“I feel supported by Natural Pod, I feel they are not just a company trying to make a profit, but they have a genuine love and care for what they believe is the best toys for children. Their passion, their dedication to their customers, the great service and customer care is like no other childcare toy company out there right now. They have created beautiful products, but also care about educating people about children’s development and play. They take great care in their relationships; they listen and respond with care and attention to details.” – Josee Lavallee, ECE Supervisor

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