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Project Profile: Kinder Kampus

Kinder Kampus, a privately owned and operated childcare program with 5 locations in the Lower Mainland of BC, has been nurturing young minds for over 16 years. Caring for approximately 300 children through its various infant, toddler, preschool, and after-school programs, Kinder Kampus continues to meet community needs by expanding into a centrally located, light-filled space in Port Moody, filled with endless possibilities. This move sparked an exploration into how spaces can shape educational practices and foster systemic shifts towards more natural learning environments.

Our experts worked with Kinder Kampus’ management to understand their goals, how they’d teach within their space, and how each element would complement their learning objectives.

In the process of adapting to this new space, Kinder Kampus management has embraced a philosophy that prioritizes natural play and a connection to the environment. The previous settings, with their more predictable and ordered materials, have given way to an approach that inspires wonder and creativity.

“As we looked for ways to bring more open-ended play into our daycare, we quickly became conscious of the fact that bright, plastic is what most of our old, ‘normal’ toys were made of. Soon we saw that the open-ended choice in toys was also the environmental one! By providing the children of our classroom true space and time for play with toys and furniture that neither off-gas nor unfairly burden the Earth, we give them, and future generations, the best chance possible.” – Kinder Kampus Management