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Project Profile: Love 2 Learn Childcare

“The creation of Love 2 Learn childcare services stems from my unconditional love and passion for working with children. I have always known that working with children is my calling in life and I hope to have the opportunity to show you firsthand. Love 2 Learn promises to value each child as a unique person; with individual personalities, style and timing of growth, and family backgrounds.

The Love 2 Learn childcare environment is equipped to stimulate children’s development in all areas to enhance the physical, intellectual, language, emotional, and social growth of each child. Our environment is structured to provide children with the best opportunities with an open concept that inspires the imagination with limitless variation and possibilities. A top priority is to provide the children with a safe, nurturing environment where the warmth and comfort of the surroundings will ensure children feel safe and loved to meet their full developmental potential.

I believe children learn through hands-on interaction with objects and other beings. I value all educational tools which is why I collaborate play with structured learning within my program. As individuals, we all learn differently. Both structured (outlined learning) and unstructured (open-ended play) are included to encompass all areas of development. Within my program, I include the following fundaments: interactive circle time, phonics, music, arts and crafts, exercise (outdoor and yoga), and creative free play.

“At the heart of a child’s development is the adult relationships that stimulate and guide them as they grow. At Love 2 Learn, we take our part in each child’s life seriously and value the relationships with all parents, guardians and caregivers involved. We are committed to maintaining a respectful relationship for the best interest of each child.” ~ Jenna Goodie, Director/ Owner/ Early Childhood Educator at Love 2 Learn

“Walking into any one of Jenna Goodie’s Love 2 Learn spaces, you can feel the love and care that infuse their programs. We had the opportunity to work with Jenna on her new preschool; a space that’s blessed with lots of natural light and staff that never lack inspiration, making the collaboration a true treat. Congratulations on creating a beautiful space Jenna. We’re delighted that our furniture aligned with your vision so perfectly.” ~ the Natural Pod team