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Project Profile: Mariners Church Preschool

Lisa Sciabica, Director of Mariners Church Preschool, came to Natural Pod searching to transform her traditional preschool into a more natural, Reggio-inspired learning environment. With much love for her preschool and its families, she deeply knew that a change needed to happen, a change that would extend beyond the idea of “some new furniture”. She was embarking on changing how the children would engage in the most wondrous process of self-development: of taking in and exploring their world, and forming themselves through the experience. She would be giving the teachers new classroom environments that aligned with their pedagogy for learning, through creative, open-ended play and discovery. For the parents, she would be offering them a new understanding of what best nurtures the fullest unfolding of natural child development, from the infant years onward. It was more than simply bringing in new furniture, it was bringing in a whole new vision and experience. After many enthusiastic conversations and e-mails, thirteen classrooms, from infant to pre-kindergarten were redesigned and transformed with Natural Pod’s furniture. Everything came into place beautifully. For the families and teachers at Mariners Church Preschool, a whole new movement of learning has just blossomed.

Watch the time lapse of installation team setting up the new space: