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Project Profile: Pear Tree Preschool

Situated in the Harlem neighbourhood of New York City, Peartree Preschool is one of the first eco preschools with a mission to provide a place where children learn the wonders of the world and teachers prepare the next generation of community leaders and citizens. The school showcases a community’s commitment to its children and their future, who in turn learn from an early age the importance of being responsible stewards of their community and the larger world. Peartree is constructed in a way that provides ample clean air and sunlight, along with zero toxic materials and no harmful chemicals.

The preschool embraces the Reggio Emilia philosophy in their early-childhood program for children age two to five. It provides developmentally appropriate activities and focuses on development of the whole child. Natural free play is important to this innovative preschool where educators support “each child’s cognitive, physical, emotional, and social growth.” Peartree Preschool emphasizes earth-friendly practices and healthy choices, and incorporates social and environmental awareness into their curriculum.

Denise Adusei, preschool founder and director of administration, approached Natural Pod prior to the opening of the environmentally conscious school to help with the look and feel of the preschool, and ultimately create a calm space that invites natural play.

“You guys have played such a big role in building our school and setting the tone for our children and families. I just walked through the space with the furniture in place. I’m speechless, and emotional. My heart is so full right now.” – Daniel Adusei, Founder