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Project Profile: St. Louis Catholic School

One of the most important principles behind our work is understanding how children learn through play. It informs all aspects of our better learning environment, furniture and toy design. Here’s a wonderful news story from ShawTV with Kerri Favreau and her students at St. Louis Catholic School in Keewatin, Ontario showing just how they have really embraced movement with their new Natural Pod classroom to support their learning throughout the day. Along with this great video we also have some wonderful new photos that really show the beauty and simplicity of the better learning environment that we created with Kerri.

One of the challenges that Kerri first encountered when she discovered Natural Pod was that she was restricted by her organization to make purchases only from a small group of pre-selected vendors that didn’t suit her vision and needs. Here’s what she had to say once she contacted us and started exploring the opportunity with us:

“I was also bound by having to buy from approved vendors and had a minimal budget. With a little hard work and a lot of help from the team at Natural Pod, the concept inspired us to look beyond the red tape and find money under rocks. The bottom line is that we knew this would benefit children and their learning, so with some creative thinking and problem solving we were able to make it happen. Believe in possibilities…”