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Taylor Park Elementary School

Taylor Park Elementary School offers a happy and caring environment for more than 475 Kindergarten to Grade 7 students in Burnaby. The school presented Natural Pod with an open common collaborative space that needed a transformation into an enriching environment for the children. In order to help create the best possible space for teachers and students, Natural Pod and several educators worked collaboratively through Natural Pod’s vision process. By working together through the vision process teachers are able to be an integral part of creating their own learning space. Classrooms come in different shapes and sizes, and have different requirements. It is beneficial and rewarding to work collaboratively with educators, who can ultimately have a space catered to their combined needs. In addition, educators feel a sense of ownership and pride when involved in the creation and design of their students’ learning environment.

“It was so exciting to see our dream become a reality! The space is now cozy and practical, inviting childcentred play and exploration. We can’t wait to see how use of the space will evolve as teachers and children work together.”
– Angela Henning, Taylor Park Elementary

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