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Natural Pod Referral Program

The why 

Our aim is for every student to learn and play in healthy, beautiful and inspiring learning environments. 

It’s through intentional conversation and collaboration that learning environments are transformed into places your students and educators want to be. 

With your help, we can increase our impact on learning environments around the world. 

All we need is an introduction! 

The how 

To participate, simply introduce us to your network connection or have them reach out directly to us and note you as their source. We’ll tag you as the referral contact and once the project is completed, we’ll alert you to your shiny new referral credit as a thank you for the connection.

The details 

Introduce us! Introduce your contact to your Solutions Partner.  When your contact places their first order with Natural Pod of $5,000* or greater, you will receive a $500 discount on your next purchase of $5,000* or greater!

There are no limits on referrals credits to be earned (each referral can lead to $500 off $5,000*).

*Referral credit is applied to total furniture value, not shipping charges. Your credit will be issued upon payment of purchase from your referral.

Updated July 2022; exclusions may apply. Contact us for more details!