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LifeSpace: Project Garden Box

The Project Garden Box with its 9 square feet of growing space is ideal for hands-on learning experiences for multiple children at the same time. Due to its size, this is a more stationary structure compared to the other LifeSpace garden options, but offers gardening success all year round due to the innovative SIP Self-Watering System, which only needs filling once a week and uses 80% less water than traditional watering methods. As with every LifeSpace planter, the Project Garden Box has been designed to protect the wood from the inside out, eliminating chances of rot and greatly extending their lifespan for the longterm by 2-3x compared to standard wood planters and has controlled drainage making watering essentially mess free. This Garden Box is a great garden to get your students started on their organic food growing journey. You’ll even receive a seed pack kit to get them started.

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