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Play Kitchens

Children love to mimic what is around them and kitchen/house play is definitely one of those activities that children of all ages enjoy. Our designs are inspired by educators and children who had a desire for kitchen play options that are more lifelike and flexible. Natural Pod has delivered with a range of options that are indeed lifelike, providing ample room for open-ended imaginative kitchen play for children from 12 months to 10 years. Add on beautiful pots and pans and watch children’s culinary skills in action. Our chef’s kitchens feature movable knobs, removable sinks for easy clean up and hold up to the wear and tear of constant daily use. We have options for all ages, spaces, needs and budgets. Whether it is for daycare, preschool, kindergarten, elementary or after school programs contact us to discuss your needs. Suitable for use in early learning, kindergarten, preschool, daycare, grade schools, and in home use.


You can enjoy knowing this item is made with trees harvested using Forest Stewardship Council® certified source materials. Natural Pod is certified under Sustainable Northwest’s FSC® Chain of Custody Group (C012237). FSC® is the leading not-for-profit forest management certification organization. They help set the world’s most respected environmental and social standards for responsible forest resource use. Their guidelines help ensure our forests are respected and well managed for future generations.

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