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Using in-house design, build, and product partnerships we offer sustainable solutions in our aim to provide every student access to healthy, beautiful and inspiring learning environments. We create better learning environments through intentional conversation and collaboration combined with products that embrace beautiful design, durable quality, and sustainable materials. Our commitment to invest in environmentally responsible materials and practices is fundamental to our support of children, community and the planet. Click on any title or image to learn more about the specific offering.

Preschool + Kindergarten

Our play and learning solutions for preschool and kindergarten environments include a large range of products that offer hands-on learning experiences and open-ended play invitations. These solutions are designed to provide children with warm, welcoming environments that provide them with a connection to nature and set them up for success on their learning journey.

Elementary + Middle School

For elementary and middle school learning environments our multifunctional furniture solutions have been designed in support of how students and educators learn and teach best. They provide warm, welcoming, inspiring environments that encourage collaboration. Our core offering is height adjustable, allowing your learning space to grow as your students do.

High School + Common Spaces

Our solutions for high school and common spaces are focused on providing multifunctional options that encourage collaboration, creating inspiring environments that students and educators want to be in. Our range of sustainably created products put students at the center of their own learning journey, fostering creativity, innovation and better learning outcomes.

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