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One of the most recent additions to my classroom is yet another Natural Pod table, only this one can be raised to standing height! This is a wonderful option because my students both enjoy standing to do their work and often need a break from sitting.

The idea to seek out a standing height table came to me because for the past while I have been offering students the option to stand at alternate spaces to do their work, such as the shelves along the side of my room. I found that more and more students were interested in standing and were more on-task when doing so. This lead to my principal and myself looking into finding a table that could function for both standing and sitting depending on the needs of the class.

In the last month of school before the summer break we received our Natural Pod table with adjustable legs that can be raised to accommodate both standing and sitting. All of the students in my class were excited to try out the new table! After the initial excitement wore off, my students naturally dispersed to their preferred tables to sit or stand. Some students consistently choose to stand at our new Natural Pod table because they seem to benefit most from having this alternate learning space. Although the table is open for all to use there is a group of ‘standies’ whom I regularly find using the space.

The students in my class all sit on log rounds at their tables, which are about the same height as chairs. For the standing table, I brought in log rounds that were slightly taller. This offers students the option to sit or perch on a tall stool or stand at their spot. This was perfect for students who might like to sit while eating their lunch but stand when printing or drawing in their journals. This makes the standing height more versatile as I don’t need to lower it to allow for the sitting option. Students may start their work seated but then slide off their tall stool to stand when their body needs a change of position. I’m happy for anything that improves my students’ physical well being as well as productivity in class, and our standing height table from Natural Pod does both. Request a free catalog to learn more.

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