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Already thinking about how your learning environment will influence student engagement next year?

Your mind is fresh with what’s working—and what’s not—and now may be the perfect time to cement some plans for September. We’ve found this is actually one of the best times to start a conversation with our experts in crafting a learning space that will meet the dynamic needs of your educators and students. We also understand that in many cases your school furniture needs to be ready to go before September, and you most likely need the core products that make up a classroom—tables, seating, and storage. We’re ready to work with you on that, but did you know that we’re not your average furniture supplier? We do a lot more than that.

We Work Differently With You

Your environment is unique. Your learner’s needs are unique. And so are your educator’s. We take time to understand all of this and create a customized, thoughtful solution that makes sure every element you need will serve its pedagogical function. This is actually one of the ways we express our commitment to sustainability—we support you in bringing in as few furniture elements as possible. That’s also why we work so hard for our products to be multi-functional. That sounds a bit different, doesn’t it?

So as you plan to wrap up the current year, and plan for the next, know that we’re here to support you in ensuring your spaces are ready for students this fall. By investing in sustainable, student-focused, flexible furniture you are making both a smart financial decision and a meaningful one. Natural Pod furniture is built-to-last and evolves with the needs of educators and learners.

Our Core Products

Tables, benches and shelving are our most in-demand items. Educators tell us that they love how our furniture is naturally healthy (no awful, toxic chemicals), sustainable, and innately flexible so that they can adapt to almost any unplanned changes in space configurations. Our matching benches are popular for the same reasons: sustainability, durability, adaptability, and multi-functionality.

If you would like to place an order and have your furniture ready for the new school year, or to discuss how our sustainable learning furniture can support your students’ learning goals, please contact us.


Our durable tables and benches are essential for creating beautiful, collaborative learning environments. Inspired by natural flowing curves, these tables can interlock to form larger workspaces. Available with either fixed or adjustable height legs, they are reinforced underneath and can double as stages.


Our matching benches perfectly complement our tables, featuring the same flowing curves and finger-friendly edges. Available in various heights, they integrate seamlessly with our tables and other classroom furniture. More versatile than single seats, our benches are durable yet lightweight, making them easy for both students and educators to move. This flexibility supports a range of activities and learning styles, adapting easily to the dynamic needs of any classroom.

Shelving and Storage

We understand the importance of space and storage efficiency in your classroom. To meet diverse needs, we offer a range of modular and flexible shelving and storage solutions. Each piece serves multiple purposes. Our larger units are space-efficient and mobile, featuring lockable castors for easy movement. They can be used against walls or as dividers to create distinct learning areas. Our smaller, linear units combine seating and shelving, allowing for adjustable storage and seating arrangements. We also offer curved shelves designed to fit corners or change layout directions seamlessly. All our products are durable, stable, and suitable for educational settings from grade schools to further education.

Materials You Can Be Proud Of

You can take pride in knowing that our items are crafted from trees harvested using Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC) certified materials. Natural Pod holds a certification under Sustainable Northwest’s FSC® Chain of Custody Group (C012237). The FSC® is a leading non-profit organization that sets globally respected standards for responsible forest management, ensuring our forests are preserved and sustainably managed for future generations.

Some Projects To Inspire You

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Quick Ship Bundles Make Learning Space Changes Easy

Now is the time to make changes in your learning space. Our dedicated customer support team is here to help make that budgeting and design process easy. If you don't have the time or need for a complementary design concept of your space prepared by our team, we've also prepared a series of quick-ship bundles to make it easy for you to just order the collection of items you need for your learning space. These bundles can be shipped at the time of order to expedite delivery for you and your organization. Contact our team to learn more.

Contact us to get the fast, thoughtful help that you need when making your learning space changes!