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Imagine what your world could be like. A beautiful, calm environment. An endless variety of spaces for every kind of activity, for every kind of learner. If this is your vision, then read on because it could be within your reach. And with your funding opportunities from government grants for new learning space furniture needing to be utilized before they expire, this is the perfect time to reach out for support. 

Where do I start? 

Great question. Ask for help. Our team works alongside you to review your floor plans, your budget and your vision. We then draft up designs and estimates that guide you through the grant process, even if you’re just curious or start with a few pieces. Helps to have a partner in this process. 

Do I have to change everything?

No, not at all. You can phase in pieces for storage or quiet corners, for collaboration or imagination. And begin to see the difference. Feel the difference. And when you’re ready, we can be the change. 

But you’re expensive. 

Yes, we are. Natural Pod is different. It is beautiful, sustainable, durable + flexible furniture built intentionally with learning in mind. It is more expensive than fast furniture, but is it? 

Take a look at some key factors:

    • Natural Pod classroom design does more with less. By enabling children to stand, sit, move around and play you will require fewer pieces. Don’t compare apples to apples in budgets.
    • Natural Pod is durable. We offer a lifetime guarantee so your replacement costs have just vanished. With much less impact on the environment.
    • Natural Pod is adaptable + flexible. Each piece is designed to be multi-functional creating the freedom to move + change spaces, across all ages and it is timeless which maximizes your investment.
    • Natural Pod is an investment in our future. Sustainable, non-toxic, safe, holistic learning, beautiful, calm spaces that are connected to the earth. You become part of the change. As do the children. And everyone benefits.

Will this disrupt my pedagogy?

Ideally. But for the better. Everything we have poured into our design + furniture pieces has been driven by educators + learners. Furniture that encourages movement, fosters collaboration, and provides comfort significantly contributes to a child’s cognitive, social, and emotional development. The space becomes the “second teacher”. 

And the natural material in the neutral pallet calms the space. So much easier to support all children of all abilities, challenged or not, regardless of their superpower in these agile, beautiful, healthy spaces. 

Not sure it’s for me. 

Natural Pod isn’t for everyone. We have very strong beliefs around holistic learning and those learning spaces, beauty + durability, toxic materials + environmental impact, and even around our business practices (we are a B Corp). We also believe in strong customer service in a sea of catalogs. And we truly believe we are making a difference in the world, because it matters

If you are a fellow disruptor, if this resonates with you, then please, reach out. We want to help make this dream become a reality. Because it does matter.

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