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Don’t just take our word for it. Here is what some of our customers have to say about our beautiful, durable, sustainably made learning furniture, and what it’s like to work with us when creating exceptional learning environments.

From the first meeting, to the installation, everything was child and customer centered. Natural Pod ensured that the experience working with them was professional and loving all at the same time!

Alana Gelnick

Associate Principal Early Learning Center, SAR Academy, Riverdale, NY

I was also bound by having to buy from approved vendors and had a minimal budget. With a little hard work and a lot of help from the team at Natural Pod, the concept inspired us to look beyond the red tape and find money under rocks. The bottom line is that we knew this would benefit children and their learning, so with some creative thinking and problem solving we were able to make it happen. Believe in possibilities…

Kerri Favreau

Educator, St.Louis Catholic School, Keewatin, ON, Canada

I will highly recommend Natural Pod to everyone I know. The service and products have been beyond exceptional

Linda L'Organge, RECE, ECE.C

Preschool Educator, Andrew Fleck Child Care Services, Ottawa, ON, Canada

“The time they spent translating my needs into a tangible concept was generous. Natural Pod has the ability to support your vision and help you implement it.”

Marc Taillefer

Learning Support Teacher, West Vancouver Secondary, Vancouver, BC, Canada

Natural Pod does such amazing work within communities and is really committed to enhancing & building creative learning spaces. I can tell you it’s been 4 full years since we purchased your tables, benches, shelving units, big cube, rocker, climber and other furniture for Fairchild. Remember Alan flew to HK to help us assemble it all!! It has really held up so well and still looks new. We are proud to tell families that we chose a Canadian company who care about children, their learning and their health & safety. Parents love the fact that there are no off-gases or formaldehyde in your products. All of the wooden Grimm‘s toys are played with everyday – by children and adults alike! Natural Pod’s presence at Fairchild permeates the place and helps to create a relaxed and comfortable environment that’s inviting to children and their families. Thanks for all you do!

Kathy Nutting BEd, ECS, MEd

Head of Early Childhood Education, Fairchild Junior Academy, Hong Kong

Our experience with Natural Pod has been exceptional. From the first phone conference with our Natural Pod team we knew we were dealing with a professional, understanding and compassionate crew. As overwhelming as the task was for myself and my teachers, Natural Pod’s patience, guidance and clear expertise made it manageable and exciting. All of our classrooms are being transformed thanks to the innovative designs and suggestions offered from Natural Pod’s designers and product managers.

Susan Birnbaum

Director, Children’s All Day School, New York, NY, United States

We’ve changed the way kids think, but we haven’t changed the rooms that they’re thinking in. I think the environment is a huge factor in terms of how kids’ learning is shaped and Natural Pod helped us create a learning that has helped us transform learning at our school.

Craig Cantlie

Principal, Caulfeild Elementary School, West Vancouver, BC, Canada

“We love our new shelves! The staff and students can’t stop admiring them. One of the students said,”it’s like you’re bringing the outdoors in” and we don’t even have any windows in the library! Just a skylight. The light wood really brightens our space up. We love the quality of the shelves and they were so easy to put together.”

Melisa Hunter

Teacher-Librarian, École South Sa-Hali Elementary, Kamloops, BC, Canada

What makes a better learning environment?

Creating an outstanding learning space where educators enjoy working and kids experience great learning outcomes has never been more important. Learning is changing and educators are exploring new ways of bringing 21st century experiences into their classrooms. One way they’re doing that is planning for furniture in new spaces or enhancing existing spaces with new furniture that better meets the needs of engaging and collaborative learning approaches.


Of course price is an important consideration, as no learning environment has an unlimited budget. Yes, there are some inexpensive options out there, but when you compare quality, flexibility, customer service and overall value for money, price alone shouldn’t be the only driver for your decision. How often have you purchased something that was cheap, only to wish you had paid just a little bit more for what you wanted and what would have served your needs in the short and long-term?

Most people exploring online and talking with Account Managers want to know pricing. We all do. It’s an important first step in the process of trying to establish what might be possible for our budgets. What is just as important is working with a vendor that has a shared vision to help you make informed choices you’ll feel good about for years to come. Working with a vendor that has dedicated design experts who will help you with your needs while also staying aligned with your budget. That is a process which will help you get great value no matter the budget and will ensure you get the best, most competitive pricing as part of your design process.


Make choosing furniture designs fun! Work with a vendor who are experts at making great furniture. Simple right? When looking for a vendor who has great designs, ask yourself where that design comes from? The best designs are driven from insights in the classroom. Teachers and kids are the real experts. Work with a vendor who uses feedback from their educator community and is constantly working to improve assembly processes, smart designs and good shipping systems. Working with an innovative design vendor vs. just a catalog company means you can pick exactly the items you want, design them to fit your space, and even change or add features later.


Make sure you work with a company that cares about their products and designs and builds them for the long-term. It will make all the difference for your budget now and in the future. Not all warranties are built the same, many manufacturers offer limited lifetime warranties, that are just that, limited. Warranties are only as good as the companies behind them. Work with a vendor that offers a solid warranty who will stand behind their products and are known for great quality. The best part about buying quality is, there is a good chance you won’t even need to use it. If anything goes wrong with the structure of your furniture you want to work with a company that will take care of you without hassles.


The most important consideration for any educator when purchasing furniture is feeling 100% comfortable. That comfort includes ensuring the furniture in your space is easy to care for and well made so it isn’t introducing toxins or other harmful pollutants into your environment. Your students will be better off for it and teachers will have healthier work environments. Work with a vendor that sells 100% chemical free and sustainably made furniture that is built to last. You’ll especially want to look out for furniture that lasts longer than 10 years before needing any kind of maintenance. Furniture that is cheap to buy often last only a few years and worse, might be toxic, require expensive maintenance or even replacement, further taxing your future furniture buying budgets.


Work with a vendor who provides excellent customer service. Period. Whether you’re trying to get a new space done fast, or you’re planning for the long-term, working with a company that understands your needs and helps you time and time again to get it just right is going to make all the difference to the outcome you’re looking to achieve. When you’re choosing to work with a vendor for the first time, use the design process as a way of finding out what their customer service is like. Are they responsive? Are they creative? Do they bring new ideas and insights to the discussion that help improve the process and manage costs? You want to make sure you’re having collaborative conversations with a team of experts who can help you make your new furniture easy, fast and on budget. You want a partner you can work with on your concept through the collaboration process, during the setup and long after the products are delivered and installed.


So there you go, that isn’t so hard. You want great learning environment furniture that is competitively priced, you want that furniture to be safe, sustainably made, healthy and low-maintenance. You want it to be easy to assemble and well designed, you want great customer service from the beginning of the process to the end, every time and you want it all backed by a great warranty you’re not likely to ever need. Work with a vendor who does all that you’ll be proud of what you created and you’ll be pleased you got the best possible results for your budget.