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Wow, what a year! We’d like to pause for a moment as 2020 draws to a close and deeply acknowledge educators and parents and the courage they’ve shown in navigating the unprecedented circumstances of this past year. Our team has directly experienced how incredibly brave educators and school leaders have been in the face of the challenges Covid-19 has brought forward and the extraordinary lengths they have gone to in finding creative ways to engage students and keep learning alive and education moving forward. We want to express our deep appreciation to all educators for your commitment and generosity – you have positively affected so many students’ lives and given hope to the future of education. You are superheroes!
Teachers should always receive gratitude and appreciation for their work regardless of the pandemic, but our hope is that because of it, there will be a deeper awareness and acknowledgment of all that educators do, the many hats they wear, and how incredibly important their job is and the impact their commitment has on improving the lives of children, families, communities and the whole of society.
We also wish to acknowledge parents. It’s been quite a feat balancing existing family life with having your children at home all day, while trying to keep them engaged in their learning and in a place of curiosity and creativity. You too are superheroes.
From the whole team at Natural Pod, we want to say THANK YOU to educators and parents for everything you do each and every day! We hope you are able to take some time to rest, rejuvenate and enjoy some self care this winter break.
Here are two sweet video messages of acknowledgment and thanks created by DreamRider Productions that help convey our thoughts – one for teachers, and one for parents. Thank you for everything you do – you are all superheroes!


For Teachers:


For Parents: