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Thank you so much to all who took part in this CreateSpace classroom giveaway! We really appreciate the time and energy that went into all the amazing entries and you sharing with us some of the challenges you are facing, what you are looking for, and which furniture designs will meaningfully support you and your students as you return to your learning environments.

Please see the video below to find out who the recipient of the giveaway is and to watch their entry. Thank you again for all your incredible contributions, and congratulations to the winner: we can’t wait to learn about how you and your students use and enjoy your new CreateSpace classroom as you transition back to the classroom.

This $5,000 CreateSpace classroom giveaway was intended to support educators in their transition back to school and offer learning furniture solutions to adapt their classroom to meet physical distancing guidelines while still providing an inspiring environment to keep students actively engaged in their own learning.

Find out more about the CreateSpace Collection here.