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Curious question – it must be the great pay, easy hours and happy parents, right? Educators, you are a very special group of professionals. You don’t choose teaching to be famous or rich or even bored. You choose teaching for very altruistic reasons. Here are a few things teachers have said when asked why:

“I teach to change lives, to give my students a voice, to transform our society. I teach because I believe in our children and want to equip them with critical thinking skills to forge ahead into an uncertain future.”

“I teach to help save the world. Civics is the most important subject to enable young people to understand society. I learn each day with my students and enjoy seeing them discover ways of improving our world.”

“I touch the future. I teach.” –Christa McAuliffe

These are some lofty ideals that we believe in whole-heartedly.

In Good Company

Why do more people not share these intrinsic motivations? We don’t usually think of businesses as being altruistic. People say it’s hard to make the “right” choices in business. So much pressure for profit and growth, competition is relentless and the playing field changes constantly. And it’s hard to trust businesses as we see the top 1% pulling away from the rest of us.

And yet some businesses are choosing differently. Some leaders, like you, believe a better way is possible. Some businesses are choosing the right way over the easy way – and this matters.

Natural Pod decided to put people and the planet before profits. We want to take care of stakeholders over shareholders. We want to see the world the way our educators see it. Could we change lives, transform society and save the world? We believe we can, especially together. Our choices matter.

Business as a Force for Good

That’s why we became B Corp certified, where business is a force for good. These Standards are the toughest and we need “tough” right now. It’s time to act. If we think like teachers and believe in the power our children have to change the future, then we are touching the future together.

This is B Corp month and, yes, we are proud to be certified, but the real power is the movement. Educators have been at the heart of this movement since the beginning of time.

“Only the educated are free” –Epictetus AD 55 – c135

Take a look at other B Corp companies that are part of this movement.

Your choice, your voice is a Force for Good. Let’s define a new future, together.

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