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Play Cube

The Natural Pod sustainable Play Cube is perfect for fostering children’s creative imaginations. It’s extremely durable and sturdy so multiple children can enjoy it at the same time. The Play Cube is perfect as a cozy reading nook, or perhaps a puppet theater, a cave, or a fort. It can be filled with pillows and blankets, books, lego and anything else your children would like to hide away. It’s also large enough to accommodate multiple children at the same time, so will keep your early learners engaged and thriving in creative open-ended play!

The Play Cube comes flat packed and is easy to assemble – takes approx 10 mins. (Cushions not included)


Natural Pod products contain less than 1% PVC (excluding electrical components) and come with a 10-year warranty. Our furniture has no harmful off-gassing. You can enjoy knowing this item is made with trees harvested using Forest Stewardship Council® certified source materials. These meet LEED credit standards. Natural Pod is certified under Sustainable Northwest’s FSC® Chain of Custody Group (C012237). FSC® is the leading not-for-profit forest management certification organization. They help set the world’s most respected environmental and social standards for responsible forest resource use. Their guidelines help ensure our forests are respected and well managed for future generations.


Environmental stewardship is part of the Natural Pod ethos. The company grew from a desire to create safe, healthy and sustainable education environments. We see sustainable practices as supporting the students, educators, and the community. We are one of the few companies in the world creating learning furniture with high sustainability standards and material certifications. We hold our products to the highest standards of sustainability, durability and safety.

Our products tell a story and support environmental education with a real-world example. Educators and students can learn where the products come from, what they are made of, and how the choices they make can impact their learning environment and the world.


Our layered wood construction with alternating grains, results in a product that is stronger than the natural, solid hardwood, ensuring your pieces are tough enough for the long-term, reducing the risks of cracking. This material construction is held together by a unique wood joinery system, with a standard glue with screw or cam-lock system to ensure multiple layers of performance for the long-term.


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