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LifeSpace Gardens

With a LifeSpace garden it’s possible to grow plants and food almost anywhere, no matter how small or unlikely your available space. This gives students access to hands-on learning experiences they may otherwise not be afforded, while also creating community.

LifeSpace co-founders Wesley Hooper and Cooper Pantages started building gardens when they saw a need for a system that would allow people to succeed at growing truly organic produce while fitting into their busy lifestyles.  

They wanted to ensure communities would have gardening success, using the correct amount of water while also conserving it, so they developed the SIP (sub-irrigated planter) system that uses 80% less water than traditional watering practices, and only needs filling once a week. Needing less maintenance, it is ideal for keeping plants healthy and alive, especially over the summer months; plus the drainage is completely controlled and essentially mess-free.

Both skilled carpenters, Wesley and Cooper took their passion for gardening and sustainable design and built LifeSpace using primarily local urban upcycled wood, and thoughtful, ergonomic design to create quality garden products.  

LifeSpace and Natural Pod have come together to offer a selection of planter gardens that will excite and engage students of all ages and capabilities; from putting the boxes together to learning about planting and watching their edible garden grow. You’ll even receive a seed pack kit to get started. Each LifeSpace planter has been designed to protect the wood from the inside out, eliminating chances of rot and greatly extending their lifespan for the longterm by 2-3x compared to standard wood planters. They have a compact footprint, with some models available on castors to offer true flexibility and hands-on learning experiences, no matter where your learning space is located. Contact us using the form below to learn more.