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What a joy to be a part of Natural Pod. I have been helping out behind the scenes here at Natural Pod for a while now. I have to say, you are a very inspiring network of people! It is wonderful to have this opportunity to say Hello, and introduce myself. I would like to begin by sharing what brought me here to make these creations for you.


Each of Aurelia's Creations is of unique inspiration.

My earliest childhood memories are of growing up on the wild west coast, surrounded by the raw energy and beauty of Nature. As a child I spent hours outside exploring tidal pools, beaches and forests, absorbing the infinite forms and colours found there. I remember my mother, whose hands always seemed to be busy creating something special. Socks and sweaters, gnomes and fairy wing, they all came into being so magically and so full of love.  ( Most of these precious gifts are now being loved anew by my children).

mushrooms - front

Even after moving to Vancouver to attend the Vancouver Waldorf School, I continued to spend a lot of time outside exploring nature.  And when I was inside, I began to create things with my mom.

From a very early age I knew that “creating” was something that I loved and needed, to feel complete.

After finishing High School, I spent a year traveling, immersing myself in the Art and incredible landscapes of Europe and Australia. This experience really solidified my need for creating art. And upon my return to Vancouver, I enrolled in the Capilano College Fine Arts Program, where I completed my diploma in Visual Arts in 1999.


As she completes them they take on lives of their own.

In 2000 I met my soul mate, Lorenzo, and decided to take a few years off school to get married and raise our two amazing children. Almost as soon as I was pregnant with my first child, I felt compelled to create my own special gifts, just like my mother had for me. And so motherhood took me and my art in a new direction.

We now live in the Cowichan Valley on Vancouver Island, surrounded by trees and Nature. Our two children are attending the Sunrise Waldorf School. And Lorenzo and I spend as much time as we can in our home studio and workshop.

I am still slowly working towards my degree in Fine Arts at the University of Victoria. But most of all, I am enjoying being a wife and mother… and I am creating!

Why I do what I do:

In this day and age, fostering a deep connection to nature in our children can be a difficult task. We are surrounded by concrete, glass, plastic and other synthetics and live insulated against the wildness of Nature. Having the tactile experience of natural hand made toys in the home becomes all the more important, it brings that little bit of Nature right into our children’s hands and they connect deeply to this.

I create these pieces so that more children can experience the beauty and wonder I experienced as a child. To let their imaginations run free with little treasures lovingly made by hand, by a Mama on Vancouver Island.

We at Natural Pod are so excited to represent Aurelia’s Creations. As she crafts each unique piece it goes live on our website, giving you an ever-changing roster of hand-crafted beauties. If you dream of a Creation not yet shown, please comment below and we’ll pass it on!


In our local newspaper just yesterday: Aurelia wows at the Spinners and Weavers Event