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Using in-house design, build, and product partnerships, we provide environments that enhance the well-being and education of students. Products embrace beautiful design, durable quality, and sustainable materials. Our commitment to invest in sustainable materials and practices is fundamental to our support of children, community and planet. Click on any title or image to learn more about the specific offering.


The core component of any of our learning environments are our range of beautiful, durable and sustainably created tables, whether our exclusively designed Natural Pod tables or those of our partners. All our table offerings support collaborative and flexible learning environments, and are available in a large section of sizes and configurations to suit all activities and ages; from the early learning years, through Grades K-12, and higher education environments as well.


Our wide range of seating options are specifically designed or selected to complement our range of tables and to offer students choice in the way they learn best. We offer benches, seating and stools in a variety of materials for every age group, from toddlers to Grade 12 all the way to higher education and common spaces. All our seating options are designed with flexibility in mind to meet the needs of different activities and different learning styles.


As space and storage efficiency in your classroom is so important, Natural Pod has designed modular and flexible solutions in numerous configurations and sizes to suit differing needs. All our shelving and seating is highly durable and stable, and suitable for use in grade schools, early learning, kindergarten, preschool, daycare, further education and home use. Each unit perfectly complements other Natural Pod furniture elements, expanding their use and providing endless combinations of storage and seating, room division, cozy reading or collaborative spaces


When it comes to learning through play, our activity products offer wonderful opportunities to expand children’s creative imaginations and social development. Our wide range of durable, open-ended play items, are perfect for use in early learning, kindergarten, preschool, daycare, grade schools, and for home use. Each has been carefully and intentionally designed to foster children’s imaginations and movement, keeping them engaged and thriving in creative open-ended play and learning.


To meet the needs of busy educators, we’ve created a range of desks and pedestals with flexibility in mind. Each item has been designed to accommodate technology, with spaces for cables, and doors that allow airflow so electric items don’t overheat. The desks are offered in a variety of shapes and heights that have different storage features, and come with heavy-duty casters so educators can easily move them from one space to another as needed. The unique educator pedestal is an innovative space-saving design as an alternative to a fixed desk.

Lofts & Structures

Natural Pod™ Play lofts were designed very much with the needs of early learners in mind. The intention was to create spaces that were all their own, where their imaginations could transform the space into any environment they wished, whether a fort, a castle, an enchanted forest, or perhaps a magical cave. Named after the educators whose own imaginations inspired them, each Natural Pod™ Play Loft is unique, beautiful, sustainable and extremely durable. Beloved by all children, our lofts provide endless invitations for open-ended play where children can express themselves freely as there is no specific outcome to get to, no guidelines and no wrong way to play! There are over twelve loft versions, designed in differing sizes and features to suit any space configurations and meet the various stages of child development. Suitable for use in grade schools, early learning, kindergarten, preschool, daycare and in-home use.

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