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This beautifully uplifting and inspiring book was published near the end of 2021, just when educators really needed to hear that the work they do matters, really matters. Because of a Teacher is a collection of personal stories, brought together to “offer hope for new teachers, encouragement for educators tiptoeing into burnout, and reassurance that the work you’re doing right now will inspire generations to come.”

More than fifteen of today’s leading educators were brought together to remember the teachers and administrators who inspired and supported their careers. Through a series of heartfelt and uplifting stories, they reflect on their early years teaching, offering advice and strategies suited to first-year teachers and longtime educators alike.

‘Because of a Teacher’ authored by George Couros and various contributors, is a wonderful homage to the work of all educators everywhere. The Natural Pod team thoroughly enjoyed it, and we highly recommend it to all educators and anyone interested in the future of education, but particularly to those early in their teaching career.

The contents are organized into three main sections, titled:

  • Part 1: Who Is a Teacher Who Inspired You and Why?
  • Part 2: Who is an Administrator Who Inspired You and Why?
  • Part 3: What Advice Would You Give to Your First-Year Teacher Self?
  • Plus a heartfelt last section: Moving Forward: I Will Cherish the Impact You Have Had on My Life Forever

As the title of the book outlines, we can learn so much from the stories of the past to inspire and support our education work going forward. Reminding us how much the work teachers and educators undertake really matters, and the impact it has on so many lives.