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The Interior Design Show (IDS) Vancouver is the go-to Pacific event for all things design. Taking place on September 22nd – 25th, the theme for IDS 2022 is ‘New Futures’: Thought-leaders with a local and global perspective will tackle the future of design. Transformative change for both people and the planet is occurring at a rapid pace right now. More than ever, design thinking and insightful expertise are needed to push new realities forward by reimagining and reforming how we live, work, and create as we consider our New Futures.

We’re delighted to announce we’ll be there with our Better Together partners: ChopValueUnbuildersHalfmoon and LifeSpace, showcasing our mixed materials collection for learning environments. In addition, we’re also excited to share that Bridgitte Alomes, our Founder and CEO, will be an opening keynote speaker on the opening day.


The opportunity to learn and engage:

With a clear focus on how we can create meaningful environments for the next generation, Brigitte’s keynote, titled ‘We are Better Together: People, partnerships, place’ will explore the possibilities and best outcomes at the intersection of design and nature:


‘Passionate advocates for educational transformation have been on a mission to shift the way we collectively plan for learning environments to a more conversational and collaborative model; one that puts students at the center driven by human-centric design. Bridgitte is the CEO and Founder of Natural Pod, a company rooted in creating beautiful, durable, and sustainable learning environments through the utilization of interior elements, including furniture. Through conversation with students, educators, school leadership and strategic business partners the Natural Pod team works to ensure learning spaces have a meaningful impact on wellness, learning outcomes and environmental education. In this talk, Bridgitte will invite reflections on how design impacts your emotions and imagination, and ultimately the outcomes of the users of the space. Bridgitte will offer insights on how each of us can challenge the fast-furniture industry, be conscious consumers and share insight into how people, partnerships and places can come together to make a long-term impact that matters, for all.’


The opportunity to see and experience:

This being the first in-person IDS for sometime, we’re really looking forward to you having the opportunity to physically experience the Better Together collection: a range of foundational elements for learning environments, beautifully designed to offer a welcoming sense of home. Made from sustainable, recycled and reclaimed materials, including chopsticks, lumber, and linen textiles, this collection is crafted with a durability and strength you can feel, right in British Columbia, Canada.


The Better Together partnership is a testament to the collective power of like-minded individuals who are challenging the status quo of fast furniture and consumer goods and staying committed to conscious creation and purchasing. We can’t wait to have you experience this collection and the possibilities it affords students and educators to enhance their learning environments and therefore their learning outcomes.


The Natural Pod team and Better Together partners would love to connect with you at the show. All tickets can be purchased directly from the IDS site

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