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At Natural Pod we design more than furniture, we design experiences for children. Experiences that foster engagement with and connection to nature, that encourage the development of the whole-child and integrate key learning skills. These play experiences not only happen in child care facilities, schools or at home, but also in community spaces such as libraries and markets.

We are excited to be working with the team at River Market on their new children’s play space. The team at River Market, have revitalized a public market without becoming your typical “mall.” They have a wonderful incredible vision called FOOD 360, not only are they are a market, they have edible gardens, provide organic food, and have engaging food festivals. They are becoming known as a gathering place for cultural activities, all organized around food. It is truly a creative and vibrant community hub and absolutely worth the visit.

When you think of play areas in malls and markets, most of them appear uninspired and unimaginative. We want to create a unique approach that engages children and parents to explore play together. Some of the initial ideas we talked about include have nothing literal, but incorporating items around food and musical play (potentially even a stage!).

This is a community space, to be enjoyed by all, and we would love to hear your inspiring ideas and thoughts.

Here is a photo of their existing space:

River Market