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For 40 years, the Vancouver Island Cooperative Preschool Association (VICPA) has organized the Making Tomorrow Conference (MTC). The MTC is a knowledge and skill building event where educators and families learn about the latest developments in early childhood education.

The themes for the conference this year include; Understanding Unexpected Behaviours, Enhancing SEL Through Mindful Teaching, Achieving Neuro-Inclusive Education, Addressing Anxiety – A Conversation Starter; Environment’s Impact on Learning and 101 Messy and Child-Centered Art Ideas

Melinda Gaberel, District Principal of Early Years and Child Care at SD72 and Bridgitte Alomes, CEO and founder of BC-based company Natural Pod will be leading a session “How Shaping Learning Environments, Shapes Learning”

This session will explore holistic approaches to designing a learning environment for young children and the role of the environment as a third teacher. This puts students at the centre of their learning, fosters creativity and innovation, and drives better outcomes for learners.

Participants will discuss why a holistic approach is important in the teaching and learning process. As a group we will examine methods for implementing holistic approaches in early childhood education settings. This session will also highlight programs that have embraced the concept of holistic approach, providing inspiration for educators and leaders to implement similar strategies in their own programs.

About Melinda Gaberal

Melinda Gaberel, District Principal of Early Years and Child Care at SD72, is a dedicated and caring professional whose career has spanned from working as a behaviour resource team teacher, vice principal, principal, and now District Principal at SD72 in BC. Melinda has worked at both ends of the country, including in early years centers at the University of Victoria and the Bishop Cridge in BC, and as a preschool manager in Ontario. She taught at SD85 in K-7 and special education before moving to SD72. Melinda’s training includes a Masters of Education and a post degree diploma in special education, and she’s a mother to 5 children, and now a grandmother to another 5 children, and enjoys living on Vancouver Island in BC.

About Bridgitte Alomes

Bridgitte Alomes, CEO and founder of BC-based company Natural Pod, is dedicated to creating better learning environments through the use of beautifully designed and high-quality education furniture that is made from sustainable materials with an emphasis on environmental awareness and stewardship. Natural Pod was born from Bridgette’s deep commitment to environmental responsibility and her desire to create inspiring, healthy spaces for children. Through her work, Bridgitte is shifting the paradigm of learning space design toward a more collaborative, intentional, and student-centric model. Bridgitte lives on Vancouver Island in BC.

The event runs all day April 13th, 2024. Consider attending if you are in the Victoria, BC, Canada area.

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