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Forest Stewardship Council (FSC® C012337) Friday is an annual, international celebration of responsible forestry! All our furniture products at Natural Pod are made with sustainably harvested wood products that are FSC® C012337 certified. We make beautiful furniture for better learning environments AND it’s sustainably made. FSC® C012337 works to improve forest management worldwide, and through certification creates an incentive for forest owners and managers to follow best social and environmental practices. The growing demand for FSC® C012337 certified products tells forest owners that businesses and consumers prefer products from well managed forests. When you support Natural Pod, you support sustainable forests. Share this post on Twitter and Facebook with the hashtag #FSC® C012337Friday2015 to show your support.

Every day we use products that come from forests. But what would we do if forests didn’t exist? How can we keep using forest products and keep our forests too?

On September 25th, 2015, the Forest Stewardship Council is hosting ‘FSC® Friday’ an annual event designed to raise awareness of the Forest Stewardship Council and to raise awareness about responsible forest management – the best way to keep using forest products and keep our forests too.

Natural Pod - 2015 FESC Friday

Natural Pod - Global Certified Forest Areas

The ten FSC® C012337 Principles require the forest owner or manager to do the following:

Principle 1: Compliance with laws and FSC® C012337 Principles – to comply with all laws, regulations, treaties, conventions and agreements, together with all FSC® C012337 Principles and Criteria.

Principle 2: Tenure and use rights and responsibilities – to define, document and legally establish long-term tenure and use rights.

Principle 3: Indigenous peoples’ rights – to identify and uphold indigenous peoples’ rights of ownership and use of land and resources.

Principle 4: Community relations and worker’s rights – to maintain or enhance forest workers’ and local communities’ social and economic well-being.

Principle 5: Benefits from the forest – to maintain or enhance long term economic, social and environmental benefits from the forest.

Principle 6: Environmental impact – to maintain or restore the ecosystem, its biodiversity, resources and landscapes.

Principle 7: Management plan – to have a management plan, implemented, monitored and documented.

Principle 8: Monitoring and assessment – to demonstrate progress towards management objectives.

Principle 9: Maintenance of high conservation value forests – to maintain or enhance the attributes which define such forests.

Principle 10: Plantations – to plan and manage plantations in accordance with FSC® C012337 Principles and Criteria.