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School is back in session and you are getting back to routines, getting to know your students, and getting to know your classroom. Now is the perfect time to set up a flexible classroom that will set you and your students up for success. Did you know that your classroom layout and the seating options offered can, not only enhance a child’s learning, but can also improve their attention and focus? Providing choice in a learning environment can also promote collaboration, inquiry, and improve communication. It can even help improve mood!

Each child’s needs are different and they learn in a variety of ways, so your classroom layout should reflect these differences. Some children are more comfortable laying on the floor, while others may prefer to sit on a bench in a quiet spot. Still others may work well at a table as part of a group. The standard rows of desks and chairs that we grew up with don’t serve in a 21st century learning environment, but offering a classroom that provides choice will fully support the innovation and creativity that you desire for your students.

The key to creating an adaptable learning environment is to offer a few different seating options, flexible shelving, and adjustable height tables. Floor cushions and bean bags are great for those who work best sitting or lying on the floor. Tree stumps, buckets, or crates can provide additional creative seating options. Keep in mind, it’s helpful to see the classroom as a dynamic space so the layout can constantly evolve. Most importantly, you want to find out from your students how they learn best.


  • Do you like to work alone or in a group?
  • Are you more comfortable on the floor or on a bench or a chair?
  • Do you like to lay on the floor?
  • Do you prefer to stand when working?
  • Do you think better when you can move?

Once your students have answered these questions, you will be ready to create a classroom environment that will keep your students motivated, engaged, and guaranteed to succeed. Learn more about how Natural Pod can help you create a learning space where how kids learn matters.