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CEO and founder of British Columbia-based, learning solutions company Natural Pod, Bridgitte Alomes, is dedicated to creating better learning environments through the use of beautifully designed, multi-functional and high-quality education furniture and products, made from sustainable materials with an emphasis on environmental awareness and stewardship. 

Natural Pod was born from Bridgitte’s deep commitment to environmental responsibility and her desire to create inspiring, healthy spaces for children.

“As a young mother, when your child is sick from exposure to a toxic chemical, a plethora of emotions floods your system. Over ten years ago, that mother was me. I had all of those emotions as my little boy had an adverse reaction to a toy in his learning environment. The strongest reaction I had was that of action – how could I make this better for my own family, and families within my community?


As we began to explore what the healthiest, quality materials were for our children’s learning spaces, the reality was that the materials we were seeking did not exist. There were no non-toxic materials that offered connection to the outdoors (when we know we must often be indoors), and there were no elements that spoke to the open-ended play that our children need to thrive and learn about the world around them.


This was the call to action that propelled Natural Pod into existence. Our framework is rooted in having intentional conversations with the true end users of the space, about the learning that needs to take place within, and how we can support those activities with meaningful choices.” ~ Bridgitte Alomes

She has since grown a team that deeply cares about the impact of this work, and understands the power of beautiful, human-centric design. Every thoughtfully designed learning space created by Natural Pod moves our global communities closer toward education that nourishes not only the students and teachers, but also the local communities they are part of, and the global community of humanity that needs defenders and advocates of the natural world for generations to come. Through her work, Bridgitte is shifting the paradigm of learning space design toward a more collaborative, intentional, and student-centric model. 

Bridgitte also serves as President on the board of the Green Schools National Network, creating broad-based initiatives and successful strategies aimed at fostering healthy, sustainable K-12 schools across the United States.

She is also the host of Natural Pod™ LIVE, the online streaming talk show where she interviews education leaders who share their personal stories behind the challenges and opportunities of creating exceptional learning environments. Natural Pod™ LIVE has been created for, and by, Bridgitte and Natural Pod’s incredible community of educators, students, architects and anyone with a stake in creating better learning spaces and experiences. You can view all previous episodes here where new approaches are explored for what’s possible in the future of education with the people who are making it happen. This is your opportunity to learn directly from these guests about the challenges and successes and how they are approaching this work.


If the work that Bridgitte and her team are committed to doing in the world resonates with you, and you’d like to connect, please feel free to reach out to her via LinkedIn or directly with the Natural Pod team and let’s start a conversation!